Digital Products

Not quite ready for 1:1 coaching? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with the educational videos and courses below! All of the products below are either free or can be accessed by donations.

If you’re curious why I request donations rather than charge a flat fee for my digital products, please see here!


FREE Mini-Documentary


You’ve been given insecurities that aren’t yours. You’ve been conditioned to believe what you do about your food and boy. You’ve been brainwashed by the matrix that is body politics. In this mini documentary, we explore 3 myths that too many of us believe about our relationship with food and body!

Mindful Eating Course


Join me for 6 weeks to look into why you eat the way you do and how using mindfulness can curb a lot of your eating frustrations. Curriculum & more details on this online course can be viewed here!

Enrollment by donation can be completed by clicking below. After receiving confirmation of your donation, you will receive instructions on how to access the course within 24 hours.

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